Monday, January 03, 2011


I figure now that I've had real Internet access for nearly a month, some video uploads are long overdue. I didn't shoot much video during my Peace Corps experience, mostly because I was busy taking still photos. But I managed a few. Please note that all of these can be seen larger at my YouTube page here.

I hope you're well. Videos below.

The Savai'i House at Maluafou College in Apia rehearsing their siva for Culture Day 2009.

Akanese singing on the day I met her.

Me and Akanese playing Popo Mano.

Akanese and me playing a children's version of Go Fish.

Me and Akanese playing a Chick-ee-Bom (sp?).

Bored with Jenga, a couple of us built a tunnel that Scout inadvertently destroys. Hilarity ensues.

The 10.4 class (my English class) sings Herman's Hermits' "Henry VIII".

The 10.4 class (my English class) sings The Beatles' "Hey Jude".