Monday, January 03, 2011


I figure now that I've had real Internet access for nearly a month, some video uploads are long overdue. I didn't shoot much video during my Peace Corps experience, mostly because I was busy taking still photos. But I managed a few. Please note that all of these can be seen larger at my YouTube page here.

I hope you're well. Videos below.

The Savai'i House at Maluafou College in Apia rehearsing their siva for Culture Day 2009.

Akanese singing on the day I met her.

Me and Akanese playing Popo Mano.

Akanese and me playing a children's version of Go Fish.

Me and Akanese playing a Chick-ee-Bom (sp?).

Bored with Jenga, a couple of us built a tunnel that Scout inadvertently destroys. Hilarity ensues.

The 10.4 class (my English class) sings Herman's Hermits' "Henry VIII".

The 10.4 class (my English class) sings The Beatles' "Hey Jude".


Arseneault Family said...

it's all WONDERFUL!
cheers to you and a smooth as possible adjustment home!

Anonymous said...

sole matt, those videos of you playing with akenese are precious!
i especially love the one with you and her playing cards and you conversing in samoan with her....

malo le galue!!! and best wishes to you in your future endeavors and thank you all the work you've done for my people back in samoa although i was born and raised here stateside!!!

people like you are amazing and what humanity, love and fellowship are all about!!!
i'm glad to have followed along on your blog when i have had the opportunity!!!

stay blessed uso matt!!!

Anonymous said...

Matt - we miss you! what are you doing thats keeping you so busy that you CANT blog about it!? We need our daily dose of Matt blog...


Anonymous said...

Videos should be fond memories for you, Matt.

Not sure about the song selections there, British rock tunes. You do remember Samoa was a former British colony. I would have picked This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie and explained why he wrote it and maybe a Bob Dylan tune. Poor kids. :)

Thanks for the efforts,


Anonymous said...

Oh Matt, it's now time for you to come out of hiding and blog about the new chapters in your life! I'm still experiencing withdrawal symptoms since you stopped blogging...

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Jil Wrinkle said...
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