Friday, September 20, 2013

Paul and Bex's Wedding

The impetus for this trip was Paul's Wedding, which was today, and Jim's wedding, which is next weekend. Rather than writing out an entire post about all this, I'm going to enjoy the festivities and leave you with some pictures from today's events. The wedding was held at the Tofua trench on the south side of Upolu.

I hope you're well.

All of the wedding's guests rode a Samoan bus from Apia to Tofua.

Chris 81 took the lead in acquiring teuila flowers and decorating the bus.

Dan, Blakey, AJ, and Chris.

Paul and his mom and brother.

Bex coming down the aisle with her father.

Paul's friend Andy read a quotation. Paul and Bex married each other without an officiant, but Blakey served as emcee.

This picture is cute and surprisingly un-posed.

Trent 80, Fei, Jim 80, and Blakey.

Jordan, Trent, and Dan at the reception.

The bouquet toss.

Paul and Bex Sii-ing on the bus on the way to tonight's festivities.

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