Friday, September 27, 2013

Jim and Faye's Wedding

This is a 2-wedding trip; two weddings over two weeks on two islands. Paul's was last week on the south side of Upolu, and Jim's was today on the north side of Savai'i. Paul married an Aussie, Jim married a Samoan. It's globalization at its finest. I could blather on about the similarities and differences and such, but I'd rather just show you the pictures. So without further ado, here pictures from the trip's second wedding. Enjoy.

Flower girl Hazel and ring bearer Helen.

The entire wedding party.

Artistic silhouette of bride, groom, and officiant. Notice the banana bunch hanging at right.

Signing of the marriage certificate was included in the wedding ceremony.

Wedding photos on the beach.

Danny 80 and friend-of-the-Peace-Corps Seke wore matching ofu.

Trent 80 was best man. He made a bilingual toast.

I wanted to take a picture of one of the long dining tables at Tanu Beach Fales, and this gentleman leaned in and smiled without prompting.

Faye, Jim, and Supy.

My friend Cherelle and I goofing off.

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Lovely photos, you all look like you had such a fantastic time!