Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Retrospective

Here’s a look back at pictures from 2009.

January 20. Watching Obama's inauguration at the Charge d'Affaires's house.

January 27. Putting together the school schedule on the library chalkboard

February 3. Akanese and me.

February 9. Daily tea and "scone".

March 9. My year 13s.

March 14. Lizard in my sink (bottom left) while I wash dishes.

March 21. Tafale and Tone in Fausaga.

April 18. Akanese drinking a niu.

April 23. Boys practicing for their Culture Day dance.

April 30. Kid sleeping in my class.

May 6. Cutting up esi at Culture Day.

May 9. Akanese and my dad wading in the ocean.

June 16. Sports day.

June 29. Me and chick in my front yard.

July 3. Congregationalist schools athletics meet.

July 27. Joanna wearing a Swine Flu mask.

August 29. PCV Joey running in the 64-mile Island Perimeter relay.

September 3. Amanda with starfish at Faofao Beach Fales.

September 5. Miss Samoa Australia at the 2009 Miss Samoa Pageant.

September 7. Soles sitting along the seawall watching the Road Switch.

September 14. The Mary apparition on the side of the Christian Congregationalist Church of Samoa's offices.

September 30. Searchers look for bodies on the beach in Lalomanu on the day after a tsunami ravished the southern and eastern parts of the island.

October 3. A family displaced by the tsunami poses for the camera.

October 27. 5 classes of students are crowded into the open air hall at my school when one building on campus is temporarily set off limits after it sustains damages in the September 29 earthquake.

October 29. Tui and Marie in my year 13 class laugh during a Saturday class. Classes were also late into the evening during the Year 13 Camp.

December 6. The snorkeling pool at the Original Maliu Mai in Pago Pago, American Samoa.

December 24. Sunset.

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Arseneault Family said...

cool look back...but i'm confused...why are we celebrating 2010 in Dec. 2009 blog files?? i don't know what has happened. maybe this will get explained later?? sorry i'm so behind...but i'm getting there!! i've gone through a whole year+ of your blog in just a couple of months! i'm getting there...