Sunday, December 27, 2009


I've met up with Luisa in Sydney! We're staying in a 'burb on the north side of Sydney Harbour. We haven't figured out how to connect to the Internet at the house where we're staying, so blog posts will be intermittent and short for the time being.

It's rainy here today, which is a little obnoxious since it should be the middle of summer. Who packs for rain at this time of year? Other than that, things have been great.

We made baked macaroni and cheese for dinner last night, and we've stopped at a Starbucks to make use of the Wi-Fi. After this we plan on wandering around downtown Sydney for the afternoon.

PCV Erin and her entourage will be in town for New Year's Eve, so we're going to try to meet up with them.

That's all I got for now. I hope you're all well. Pictures below.

Me in ye olde tyme phone booth.

Me with Harbour Bridge.

Luisa in front of the Opera House.


Mom said...

Glad to know you arrived safely! I hope you and Luisa have a wonderful time in Sydney.

Xavier Dimante said...

Dude, you must take Louisa for a cocktail up the Shangri La Hotel's bar at The Rocks in Sydney. It's up on the 36th or something floor,where you can watch the sun set out West and see city lit up at night.

D-XiaoK said...

Malo Matt

Love you Blog mast, very clever take on the "down under & dingo ate my baby" cultural refences.

If you haven't already, the best way to enjoy 'sailing' Sydney harbour is to catch a ferry to Manly from Circular Quay for fish and chips on Manly beach. You'll be able to see the bridge and Opera House and plenty other city sites from the water very cheaply.

sydney harbour things to do said...

Have a great holiday in Sydney dear friend!!!

I am sure that you will have lots of fun in Sydney..
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amanda said...

I'm so happy to see both of your beautiful faces! Have so much fun!!

Unknown said...

have a great time, make a list of must do's so I'm ready for my trip down under....

Sydney Gal said...

Hi Matt :)

When in Sydney:
*Pack a picnic and go to the Botanical Gardens for an unspoilt view of Sydney.
*Catch the ferry at dusk.
*Hop off said ferry and ride the Ferris Wheel @ Luna Park - Sydney at night time is magical.
*Visit Taronga Zoo - the meer cats have the best view of the city.
*Have an iced chocolate at the Lindt Cafe (there's one in Australia Square and Darling Harbour)
*If you're in North Sydney and craving Mexican then look for "It had to Happen" on Walker Street.
*visit the night time markets at The Rocks and Chinatown.

Most importantly just have fun!
I hope you both enjoy Sydney.
G :)