Friday, October 29, 2010

Odds and Ends Thursday 72

It’s been quite a day. An hour after assigning my English class a rather lengthy report to have ready for class tomorrow, I was informed tomorrow will be a cleaning day and there will be no classes. Essentially, today was my last day of teaching in Samoa. There was little time to process this though, because I taxied across town as soon as school got out to watch the Giants deliver a wallop to a stunned Texas Rangers. 9-0?! I mean, c’mon! Did that really happen? And then 8 hours later I finally watched the last episode of Lost. It’s a lot to take in. Here are some other odds and ends from the week:
  • Okay, okay. For the sake of everyone else, let’s continue to refrain from leaving comments about Lost, but if you want to at this point, you can email me if you want to talk about it. I think I may be the only person in Samoa who has seen the whole thing—certainly no other Peace Corps Volunteers have seen it, probably some of the trainees—so goodness knows I could use someone to talk to.
  • It has been insanely rainy these past couple days. The wet season is here.
  • Blakey and I have been puzzled by all the baseball players on both teams wearing kitschy necklaces color-coordinated to their uniforms. RPCV Dylan says the neckwear is supposedly magnetic or power-channeling or some other sort of snake oil. Cool.
  • The magazine is really finished because the final product has been delivered. At Interval on Tuesday copies were distributed to all the form teachers so students could see an advance copy. Everyone seems pretty happy. I have not received a copy yet, but I’m thrilled there will be no more revisions.
  • You know Suasami? The teacher I sit next to every day at Interval? I somehow left her name off the list of people in her form class’s picture. Every single other teacher is listed with their class and has his/her name underlined. Oops.
  • Liam turned me on to this band The Morning Benders. They’re great.
  • I’m so happy Year 13 Camp is over. It’s fun at first, and then it just feels like the school day never ends. Even the hormonal students seemed relieved to not be here anymore.
  • Have you heard about this new casino they’re building in downtown Apia? I heard a rumor today that only foreign-passport-holders will be allowed to gamble. How are they going to enforce that?
  • Man. Lost isn’t The Wire or Arrested Development, but it’s damn good.
  • I desperately need to submit law school applications. I think this may happen Sunday.
  • I need a Halloween costume!
That’s all I got for today—sorry it’s a little short. I hope you’re well.


Cait said...

I heard a rumor today that only foreign-passport-holders will be allowed to gamble. How are they going to enforce that?

Drive by comment (long time reader, first time commenter, blah blah blah), but South Korea has a bunch of foreigner-only casinos and unless you can provide official documentation proving that are not Korean (foreign passport or Korean government ID), you're not allowed on the floor. Doesn't even matter if you're visible not Korean (because, you know, you're white), without ID, you can't go in. Of course, Korea is also really big on rules and following them.

Unknown said...

i noticed that the necklace thing was a "pitchers only" thing. i dunno what it means. good luck with law school apps! i love LOST too!

Vero said...

Ooh, the Morning Benders! I just saw them in concert on Friday night. It was a fun show. Good times!

Anonymous said...

Im breaking the rules...I've watched all of LOST and I'm still lost...And Im mad about the ending. Everybodys dead and moving on to heaven?spirit world? Wassup with that? I think they copped out with the ending.

Okay I promise i wont break my self control anymore and write anymore lost comments. Except to add that the Jack is still the hottest doctor on any airplane-crashed island in this dimension.