Thursday, September 23, 2010

Odds and Ends Thursday 69

My year 12s are putting together PowerPoint present- ations, and my year 13s have been working on their desktop publishing assignment, so I’ve done very little teaching in either of those classes lately. It’s strange because I’ve been at school a lot more hours this week because of camp, but I actually feel like I’ve been teaching less. Maybe I’m just pacing myself to get through the day. Here are some other odds and ends from the week:
  • As part of Close-of-Service procedures, the members of group 81 have been updating their resumes these last couple weeks. Everyone’s got a different opinion about what a resume should look like, and we’re all stubborn about which rules by which to abide. Jordan likes all of his bullets to fit on one line, Phil swears by serif fonts, I think wide margins are foolish. You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself, right?
  • On the crotch-grabbing photo: Crotch-grabbing is a way of life with ’ies. Since most boys wear shorts under their ’ie, there’s a whole lot of fabric adjustment that goes on throughout the day. This is particularly true during sustained physical activity. In the case of that picture, Manila is in the middle of Culture Day dance practice, and yes, he’s grabbing his crotch. But that crotch-grab is so secondary, I barely noticed it when I chose the photo. Also, it’s such a part of life here, I feel like it only improves the magazine’s accuracy in capturing the life and times of 2010.
  • In teaching my class “At the Zoo”, it turns out the zookeeper is very fond of gum. Also, the hamsters goof off frequently. Yeah. My zoo is sugar-coated.
  • My year 13 Amanda was asking the other night what music I have on my computer. I gave my normal response, “Nothing you’d like.” But then she asks, “Do you have any Paul Simon?” Yes. Yes I do.
  • At Pinati’s last night, I ate 2 full plates. Take that, stomach!
  • I’ve lived without an electrical fan since 10 June (or at least that was when it was first reported on the blog). But Phil texted this morning to observe the first day of Spring. The heat is coming. And we just got paid. I think I’m ready to buy.
  • On Weezer’s new tour, the band is playing 2 nights at each stop: on one night they're playing the entire Blue Album, on the other the entire Pinkerton album. When I heard about this, I emailed my friend Chris to tell him that such an event was as special as his getting married, and thus I would be willing to fly back to The States for such a show. As it turns out, Weezer has scheduled their Bay Area appearance for 30 November, the jerks. I’ve already assured the Admin Staff that I will not be going home in November. So hopefully I can catch them somewhere else on the tour. Roadtrip to Seattle anyone?
  • Also, Weezer played a show in San Francisco a week after I left back in October 2008. Those guys hate me.
  • I had dinner with Jordan and a Korean guy doing anthropology fieldwork on Sunday. “Jordan” and “Korean” are interchangeable in T9 Word Prediction.
  • My watch stopped twice this week. I fear the battery is dying. I haven’t looked into watch-smiths in Samoa, but I assume it will be expensive to replace the battery here. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Or go watch-less until December.
That’s all I got for tonight. I hope you’re well. Pictures below.

Weeks-old picture of Paul mopping the new PCV Resource Room.

I took this picture while a bunch of us were out one night, and I realized that everyones shirts were all so colorful. It was like one of those TV shows where everyone clothes go together a little too well.

Blakey and Iki.

AJ tried to go all retro and turned in his common exam scores to the Ministry of Education on floppy disks. Somehow the data on the floppies got corrupted, and he had to have someone burn them off of his computer on Savai'i and bring them to Apia. Scowl indeed.

This mug is one of the ones in rotation at Interval. It freaks me out a little with its psychedelic tendencies. A monkey riding a zebra (see yesterday's post) with a split-headed fox(?) running next to it. Weird, dude.

Leah 82 after I inadvertently pulled that chair out from under her. I honestly thought she heard me pulling it away, and I had been sitting in it before. But she just sat right down in the chair-less space. What a jerk am I.


Mom said...

Since your cousin is attending Seattle U, a road trip might be fun. We also have a Southwest ticket you could use.

Unknown said...

Where's the new PCV Resource room located in the office? Looks like it took over where the main office use to be.

Sara said...

As I am now in the habit of commenting upon your writing, I would like to point out that the Chris and Weezer remark could stand to be edited to make it a little more clear that Chris's marriage is a hypothetical. I had to go ask him if I'd somehow missed something!