Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures from Sunday Night

Paul, Phil, Supy, and I stood and watched ants carry the arm of a cockroach across my kitchen floor. The arm, which is probably longer than 15 ants put together, took the ants about 1 minute to move 2 feet. Multiple images have been superimposed to create the composite above. It's a larger file, so you can click on it to get a better view.

For reasons I'd not like to get into, my camera has no viewfinder. So one big problem (besides not being able to properly frame images) is I don't know when the flash is on or off. So occasionally I get pictures like the one above, which is cool in an artsy kind of way, but not in a utilitarian capture-the-moment kind of way.

More unintentional artsy crap.

Still couldn't get the damn flash to work, but at least you can make out the forms of Phil, Jordan, Joey, Paul, and Supy.

Walking to the Peace Corps office with Paul and Phil leading the pack. Supy and Koa in tow.

Supy reading. Naked?

Paul on guitar.

Phil sharing a moment with the fan.


Deng said...

bloody hell!, I've come to depend on your blog for a window into life in Samoa, I've been checking all day for the update before reading the msg you're on holiday in NZ..ha ha be safe uso and dont go to South Auckland, it's just another Samoan village.

Jane said...

Not having your blog to read each day is really throwing my routine off. However, I am glad you have chosen to take more time to enjoy your trip. 'Hope you have a really great trip.

marija said...

Hey Matt, great to met you and your parents.We got back home in Mass. Hope you had nice time at Falofalo and please keep bloging...when ever you get a chance. Group 81 PCVs rocks!
Marija (Toa,s mom)

Unknown said...

i am still amazed by the size of that cockroach.