Thursday, May 20, 2010

Odds and Ends Thursday 52

I was carded twice while I was in Hawai’i, and both times the cashier saw the photo on my driver license and looked me over and said, “You’ve lost weight.” It’s true. When my license photo was taken in early 2006, I was roughly 30 pounds heavier than I am today. But with having guests here in Samoa and spending a week in Hawai’i with my family, I’ve added a couple pounds. I talked to the medical officer about something else today, and out of nowhere she asked, “Is your face puffy?” Nope. That’s just me. Here are some other odds and ends from the week:
  • That sunset picture up top is easily my favorite one yet. Annoying that those ladies walked into the frame and obstructed the silhouette of the kid in front, but overall I really like the photo.
  • I think I have heat rash. My skin’s been just fine for 19 months, but it just noticed the hot weather. Heat rash. Break out the talcum powder.
  • Cat foods in order from least disgusting flavor to most disgusting:

    1. Chicken;
    2. Beef;
    3. Albacore with scales;
    4. Jellymeat
    5. Beef and lamb stew.
  • In the past couple weeks I’ve taught my mom, my sister, Victor, Bree (sp?), and Dustin to play Euchre. I fear I can sometimes be an impatient teacher, and for that I apologize.
  • Sitting with a bunch of Peace Corps guys and Dustin at the Smoke Free Rugby Tournament yesterday, it was pretty funny how we were all completely clueless as to many of the rules of rugby. I explained to Dustin that after a try they always kick it from the 22-meter line, but then later in the game they kicked it from farther out. And then from further in. So I turned to Dan and asked him. He shrugged and said, “Yeah. They kick it from there,” gesturing out toward wherever the kicker was kicking. Clearly.
  • Dustin’s hat and sunglasses disappeared from the Peace Corps office this afternoon. I’m convinced it was a Group 82. Those kids have sticky fingers.
  • I’d rather go with $20 worth of taro than a 20-pound bag of rice because Taro has a lot more nutrients than rice. In fact, the Ministry of Health is in the middle of a campaign now to get people to eat more taro.
  • Did anyone notice the post that disappeared earlier in the week? I’m starting to send the blog out to various academic institutions in preparation for grad school applications, and that post was decidedly un-academic. So I took it down. Apologies to anyone who missed it.
  • Dustin’s learned the hard way to not order mixed drinks in Samoa. $5 for a bottle of Vailima, $9 for a screwdriver, and a weak screwdriver at that. Ouch.
  • I’ve been seeing my students all over town since I got back from Hawai’i. They wave shyly, and I throw out an “Ua?” when I can. It’s fun.
  • In this picture, doesn’t Victor look gigantic compared to my mom? It’s because of the angle. I’m sitting directly across from Victor, and my mom is a ways down the table. It’s hard to tell from the picture. An optical illusion, I guess.
  • Finally, I ran into blog reader Gracie while walking by Cappuccino Vineyard in town this afternoon. Gracie accesses the blog from Las Vegas though she’s spending 2 months in Saleimoa right now. Cheers to you, Gracie.
That’s all I got for this week. I hope you’re well. Pictures below.

Me, Dan, AJ, and Supy at the rugby tournament yesterday.

Watching Supy's school versus Koa's school.

Scout discovers niu.


Anonymous said...

Malo Matt - I don't see the sunset pic usually posted for Thursday.. it is just of Scout in the niu.
Good luck with the lafa.
ia fa

Unknown said...

I think the direct reference to your "un-academic" post might scare the schools into thinking it was a lot worse than it actually was! :)