Friday, August 13, 2010

Picture Day

Okay. This post is going up a day late, and I apologize. I was going to write the customary 500-word post about Picture Day, but I figure I'll just show you a bunch of the pictures I took, and we'll call it even. I have been taking class photos here and there, but we decided to finish things up in one fell swoop. We also took nearly all the staff photos, so teachers had to come wearing their togiga. In the picture up top here, you can see Maryhellen sitting in the background.  She was my assistant for the day, chosen on the fly. All photos in which I appear were taken by her. Enjoy.

The entire staff.

Faavesi and his year 12.4 form class.

The science department. Me on the left.

The English department. Me top center.

Thanpuii and her year 9.1 form class. I had to break with the 1:1.667 aspect ratio to fit the flag in, but doesn't it look good?

The student prefects.

My pule and vice pule. I think this picture turned out awesome. I'm quite proud of it. My vice pule hated it. Oh well.

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Doh said...

you're pule looks like Obama. I think you mentioned that in the past. It is a nice photo. Yor vice-pule should embrace it- it looks like she's in charge.