Thursday, November 26, 2009

Odds and Ends Thursday 35

Last Friday I was walking up to my front door after school and my co-duplexor Maengi looked at me from her front door and said, “Long week, huh?” I agreed. And she said, “Well at least next week will be easier. Nothing to do next week.” Maengi’s great and all, but that’s turned out to be wrong across the board. In some ways I’d prefer The Week of Grading Hell over this week because at least last week I knew what I was dealing with. This week it’s been bizarre requests from my vice pule to have long documents typed up immediately and my secretary’s computer breaking down at the worst possible time. Here are some other odds and ends from the week:
  • Today during interval a teacher asked me, “Matt, what’s happened?” I didn’t know about anything that had happened. “I don’t know,” I said, looking around and outside trying to figure out what had happened. He said again, “What’s happened with you?” And I realized he meant to say “What’s happening?” like a casual greeting. A for effort.
  • I watched “Almost Famous” on Tuesday, and it convinced me to buy Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bookends” album on iTunes when I was on hi-speed internet later that afternoon. A solid purchase all around.
  • I walked past my pule’s house the other day, and someone was blaring Oasis.
  • There were no comments about Apia on Google Maps. And Luisa seemed underwhelmed on the phone. Whatever, readers, I’m still excited.
  • ”Up” was great. I liked it better than “Wall-E, ” but Nemo is still the reigning champion. I want to see “Monsters, Inc.” again. People forget how good that one was.
  • But really the movie that’s left the most lasting impression on me lately is “In Bruges.” I read some critique that called it an allegorical fable. My mind’s been reveling in that one.
  • We’re celebrating Thanksgiving at Charges d’Affaires Robin’s house on Saturday, much the same as last year. I signed up to make mashed potatoes. I’m thinking about leaving the skins on, just to change it up a little.
  • My neighbor’s daughter just came to the door and gave me two cans of canned mackerel. Jealous?
  • Supy Reports: Today we left an hour and half late, and dan and I didn’t think anything of it, but as we were leaving another boat came in. And then another boat. Rarely is a third boat used, but today they were all in a quarter-mile of one another, all in action, all in use, is that odd?
  • More from Supy: We got another Peace Corps consolidation briefing today—a year after we moved into our sites. We’ve already been to consolidation points twice so it as silly to be told where they were after we’ve already used them.
  • More from Supy: Happy Thanksgiving, Lauren!
  • Back to Matt: Happy Thanksgiving Lauren!
    Part of the Amazing Race was we were supposed to order a coffee drink at Sydney Side Café, where I’ve always felt self-conscious about eating… but damn. That was an excellent cappuccino. More power to you.
  • I’m breaking out the Christmas music tomorrow. Back sometime around March I found the entire Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack hiding in some obscure sub-directory. Pretty exciting.
More Odds and Ends to be posted later this evening. Happy Thanksgiving again. Pictures below.
It rained today.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving :) enjoy the canned pilikaki too. Malo Matt

Unknown said...

Leave the skins on. Yum. And "Monster's Inc" is the best one, even better than "Up" IMO... Happy Thanksgiving!