Thursday, April 01, 2010

Odds and Ends Thursday 49

We had school today. All my yapping about boats on yesterday’s blog, and Maengi gets home at 10 last night and tells me that while I was at the moderation meeting yesterday, the teachers decided we needed to have school today and pushed back the Aso Maliu assembly to this afternoon. I left school at 1:00 p.m., sprinting to catch the 2:00 bus to make the 4:00 boat. I’m stressed, the cat’ s annoyed about being in a box, the ferry is filled to the gills with people. The weekend got off to a miserable start, but now I’m at Phil’s, and Blakey’s here too. Here are some odds and ends from the 3 of us:
  • ME: I started reading “War and Peace” today. 932 pages to go.
  • PHIL: I have a cat now. One of my year 10s brought a kitten to class, and I took it away. Not knowing what to do with it, I put it in my house until afterschool. And then I still didn’t know what to do with it. So I kept it. He’s got dark grey fur, lighter grey spots, and white paws. I call him Trousers.
  • BLAKEY: I took the new boat this morning. It’s great! 2 levels of seating, and they sell coffee for $2. I sat near the front, and about 5 minutes after I sat down, the Prime Minister boarded the boat, and sat in the seat directly in front of me! I talked to him a little. He went to the school where I teach.
  • M: I borrowed some paint from the art teacher to touch up my wall where the person who lived in my house before me had scraped off a bunch of the paint. I’ve got a yogurt cup of white paint sitting on the table, when the cat sees a gecko run across the wall. I moved to avoid the cat, bumping the table. The paint, of course, toppled over—on top of the cat. I washed off what I could, but she’s definitely whiter than she used to be.
  • P: Paul’s been teaching me to play ukulele. At this point, the only song I can play is James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”. I play it a lot.
  • B: Last Tuesday, I ate 7 avocados.
  • M: I have a rash on my ear. I’m not sure what’s causing it. Maybe my pillow? Maybe my headphones? Maybe the guy who sat next to me on the bus ride to the host village last week? It doesn’t itch, it’s just bumpy. Phil and Blakey blame the cat.
  • P: I have been specially chosen by the Savai’i Sports Council to be the IT guy at their monthly meetings. Mostly I just set up the laptop and the projector and then sit off to the side. Sometimes I get to correct the date/time on someone’s cell phone. Either way, I’ll include it on my resume.
  • B: I was at cricket practice at Apia Park on Wednesday. The coach for the women’s national team happened to be at the stadium for a meeting. She watched practice for a bit and then invited me to try out for the Samoan National Womens’ English Cricket team. We’ll see.
  • M: I punched an Australian volunteer in the face this past weekend. We were at a local eating establishment, and he was one table over from me. He slandered me and called me rude names. I thought about throwing my fork, but instead I just punched him. He had it coming.
  • P: I recently purchased a Swiss Army Knife that has 85 different tools and implements. It weighs 2 pounds, and it’s 9 inches long. It’s not the most practical thing in the world, but it’s kinda cool. Also, it came with a specially embroidered fanny pack.
  • B: While snorkeling this afternoon, a barracuda bit my foot. I kicked it in the face, and it swam away. Luckily there are no sharks in the reef, and the bite was superficial.
  • P: I’ve decided to extend my service for a third year.
  • B: I’m engaged.
  • M: I’m pregnant.
That’s all we got for this week. I hope you’re well. Picture below.





Matthew said...

April Fools across the board, of course.

Mom said...

Does that mean you didn't punch someone? I truly hope you didn't! But I never thought for a minute that you were pregnant.

Traverse Traverse said...

ha ha ha..that Blakey she's so sassy and sexy.

Is the new ferry the best thing ever for Savaii or what?

Anonymous said...

Phil, I'm glad you are going to stay for another year. Savaii is the best place to be, but can you blog more like everyday, like Matt, please, faamolemole. Oh, whatever happened to that guys hand? Blakey, talofae ia oe ua e nofo i talage o Tuilaepa!!! Did you tell him to move because you couldn't see Savaii? You should ask him what the hell was he thinking when he switched driving on the right side of the roads. Tell him you are americans and you are smarter than those frigging English! Lastly, you tell him to watch his diabetes.
Matt, you can punch those Aussies anytime, they don't like Americans, but please don't punch a Samoan!!!

Barb Carusillo said...

Wondered what you were going to do to follow up the Clinton visit last year. Maybe an Elvis sighting....but pregnant is pretty good.

whatever said...

If you were Mattilda before you became Matthew, then you could def. become preggie, or if you were Matthew all along, you would be called the Immaculate Conception of St. Matthew:)