Friday, April 02, 2010

Weekend Update

Haha. The jokes were funny yesterday, but I think we sacrificed a bit of truth-telling. So here’s how things have gone so far this weekend:
  • One year ago at the Peace Corps Cinco de Mayo celebration, my camera was kicked off the dock into the water. Tonight, it was my own fault. By chance, I grabbed my camera, and it bumped my hand and then bounced off the bench and then into the water below—off the same dock. I jinxed it this morning when I asked Blakey if she thought I should bring my camera to today’s event. It was a less-than-ideal end to the day.
  • Blakey and I did indeed take the new boat from the wharf in Apia Harbour yesterday morning. Overall, the ride was great. The boat is bigger, the listing is smaller, the air conditioner excellent. The Prime Minister really was on our boat (though he didn’t sit one row in front of Blakey), as did the Manu Samoa, the national rugby team. Rather than watching a movie during the voyage, we watched recent Manu Samoa games. When was the last time you sat in the same room as a national sports star and watched old clips of his/her performance? The experience was fun and surreal and awkward.
  • My student Amanda brought my camera back on Wednesday afternoon, right on time. The camera was in great shape and had absolutely no damage whatsoever. As skeptical and cynical as I’d been about lending my camera to a student, everything turned out fine. It wasn’t until tonight when I inadvertently knocked the same camera into the ocean below my camera was wrecked. It was by my own hand, and I feel like a jerk for doubting my own student.
  • Scout did indeed make it on the boat ride, although it was not a fun experience for cat or cat owner. That said, she seems happily adapted to Phil’s house, and as cranky as she was after yesterday, back to her old self today. I can’t wait for the ride Sunday.
  • Snorkeling at Phil’s is great as always.
I hope you’re well.


LA said...

talofa matt, great blog. i think you need to invest in a waterproof camera or one of those camera lanyards thingos that can be worn around the neck :)

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry about your camera! But your post was funny, as usual, even with the camera fatality.

We will miss you tomorrow! I hope you have a great Easter but know that we'll be wishing you were here.

Travis Travis said...

wow you hung with the world champion manu samoa sevens

Sorry about your camera..use your phone like everyone else (less devices to carry)