Friday, July 23, 2010

This Post Has No Pictures

Because my year 13 student Amanda borrowed my camera this morning and didn’t return it. As you’ll recall about 4 months ago I had a bit of soul-searching to do the last time Amanda, my highest achieving year 13 asked to borrow the camera. She wanted it to capture her mom’s graduation from college, and after much deliberation I decided far be it from me to put the kibosh on capturing a mother inspiring her daughters on film (megabyte?). And given this precedent, today was an easier sell for her.

She walked straight into the computer lab after this morning’s assembly, and wasted no time. “Mister, I need to borrow your camera.”

I was only caught slightly off-guard by her tone. Part of me raised an eyebrow and the word “need”, but most of me was the old pushover, and it didn’t take long before I agreed.

In fact, when she expressed reservations regarding storage capacity and the battery life, I suddenly became a salesman. “I just charged the battery, and you can take up to 466 photos!” I boasted.

So Amanda took the camera, and 5 hours later, when she promised to return it, she was nowhere to be found. I assume she will come knocking on my door tomorrow when I'll be on Savai'i with Jen and Tommy--where I'll be wishing I had a camera.

It's poor timing because this pictureless post is going to sit at the top of the blog until Monday because I'll have no Internet the next 2 days. Oh well.

I hope you're well. We'll talk Monday. Have a great weekend.

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