Thursday, August 06, 2009

Odds and Ends Thursday 22

I realized this morning I’ve grown accustomed to not doing anything all day. It took me a week and a half, but I am finally content with the unexpected vacation, and I have fully adjusted to the lack of structure. Unfortunately, I’ve made this adjustment with one day of holiday left since classes are scheduled to begin next week. This weekend is Father’s Day in Samoa, so we have Monday off, which is a small consolation. So I guess there are 2 days left of vacation. Sweet. Here are some other odds and ends from the week:
  • My pule made a subtle offhanded comment about my beard on Monday morning, so I shaved it Tuesday morning, and nothing was said. But then I walked in on Wednesday morning, and in front of the whole staff, my pule asks, “What happened to your beard?” And then another teacher, Ulia, says, “Yeah. You look like a little school boy.” And the room erupts in laughter. Ha. I guess.
  • A bunch of year 13 students saved their work to a Sony Walkman mp3 player that requires manufacturer software to load files saved to it. It was a big headache on Tuesday morning when the kids showed up to work on their biology IAs. But I got the files. Because I am genius.
  • It hasn’t rained in a while, and the dry season is actually starting to seem dry. Although as I type this, it is beginning to rain.
  • My host family texted me last night to ask if I want to attend a rugby game with them on Friday. I said yes, but I haven’t heard back from them regarding details. It sounds fun though.
  • The 2416 apartment was locked for the last time this week as all of my former roommates moved out. I will absolutely go back there, if only to eat at El Burrito Express across the street. I miss that place so much.
  • Speaking of San Francisco, Dave Eggers and I both drove red Honda Civic hatchbacks when we lived in the Bay Area. And he and I both frequently drove down Highway 1 to the Montara/Pacifica area. We also have the same hair and similar freakish neuroses. He’s older and taller and published though.
  • Max called me yesterday afternoon because he heard a rumor that school is going to be canceled next week. I really really really really hope that’s not the case. Update! Max just texted to say that school is definitely on for next week. Awesome.
  • I finally went to AQM yesterday. AQM is the super high-end grocery store in town. It’s pretty small, but they have all kinds of fancy stuff. I was the only customer in the little store at the time. Overall, I’d say the entire experience was intimidating.
  • This morning one of the teachers on the compound knocked on my door and asked if he could pick some fruit from my nonu tree. I have no idea what to do with nonu, nor do I know what the English equivalent is.
  • Koa and I were going to go to American Samoa during the break in September, but with this whole Swine Flu thing, it’s unclear whether we’ll have a break in September. Also, Koa has a bunch of friends coming in September, so he can’t go anyway. So I guess that’s that.
  • Correction: In the picture of Koa I posted last Saturday, the caption mistakenly said he was doing a little dance. He was actually playing air synthesizer to the instrumental solo portion of Toto’s “Africa.” Matt’s Samoa Blog regrets the error.
That’s all I got. I hope you’re well. Pictures below.

AQM Shop. Google Street View by Matt.

Construction crews were at each corner of this intersection working on the stoplights. I'm almost sure this is in preparation for the road switch, which is a month from tomorrow.

The ditches on the sides of the road are often a little foul in a way similar to the canals in Venice, Italy (from what I hear) or the ocean water in Venice, California. Anyway, this one has lilypads growing in it, which was surprising and refreshing.

The John Williams building now has Welcome mats in front of both elevators. It's quaint, and yet off-putting.


Chris said...

A very modest genius.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt

Always happy to read your post to know what's happening at home. Hey just want to comment on the NONU fruit, that's where you get cashew nuts from. You can roast the seed to get the cashew nut. Its yummy.
Thanks and keep up the good work.