Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Q&A: Koa, Blakey

Blakey and Koa are at my house tonight after plans fell through to see a movie after it turned out that I had already seen it. And since I currently have a whole lot of pumpkin at my house (which we can talk about on Friday?), I wasn’t interested in going out to dinner. So we’re here, cooking and discussing the Canadian political system. And I figured we’d open up the floor for a little Q&A session. Here’s how it went down:

MATT: How are things?
KOA: I’m sweaty as hell.
BLAKEY: Great. Manaia! Manuia!
M: How is Swine Flu?
K: Boring
B: Awesome
M: Why?
B: No school.
K: No school.
B: It’s amazing how much school work you can get done when there are no students there. Sometimes I think students should never be there. Ha. Ha.
K: Ha.
B: It’s true though. I feel like I’ve gotten more done in the last 2 weeks than in the last 2 months.
K: Me too. That was a joke.
M: Do you worry about getting swine flu?
B: No.
K: No.
B: I wash my hands.
K: I’m not sure there’s much of a swine flu problem in this country. All my students were sick one week, but now they’re healthy.
B: And I’ve seen them trying to maua teine in the makeki.
K: I have a lot of the athletes staying at my school, but no students which is unfortunate—because we have that major project due at the end of the month. (pause) I mean how many reported cases have there been? 80 out of 100,000
M: Uhhh I think there are 190,000.
K: 190,000? You can just correct my number; you don’t need to add your editorial opinion.
B: I got a text about Chris’s birthday. Italiano’s dinner, and then dancing.
K: Oh. I don’t want to go dancing.
B: If you don’t want to go dancing, then you’re not invited.

(Awkward pause.)

M: How long does the pumpkin need to boil? Do you think?
B: Until it’s soft?
K: No response from me.
M: What were you saying about the heat, Koa?
K: It’s very hot.
B: It’s always hot in Matt’s house. He doesn’t open the windows and his curtains are solid wind blockers.
K: It was really hot today though. It’s just been hot around town. It looked like it was raining in my neck of the woods when I was walking around town today. [When I go back to The States,] I don’t know how I’m going to take the transition because [in December] I’m going from the hottest part of the year in Samoa to the coldest part of the year in The States.
B: That’s why I’m going in September… I have no pants.

(Awkward pause.)

B: Get rid of that awkward pause. It wasn’t awkward.
K: No. It’s just a transition. That’s how he transitioned to his first question.
B: Oh that’s how transitions work. Thanks, Koa.
K: You’re welcome.
B: Are you spelling awkward wrong?
M: It’s an awkward word with the 2 w’s. It’s almost like onomatopoeia.
K: Like onomatopoeia for spelling.
B: Anamanapia?
K: Did you just say “Onomatopoeia” like a Samoan question?
B: I was making fun of you for not pronouncing the T.
M: I never pronounce the T.
B: This isn’t turning out as funny as I thought it was going to be.

(Awkward pause.)

B: This is a [lousy] post, and I feel there was insufficient journalistic integrity with regard to my comments.
M: Yeah, well…

It’s time to go. I hope you’re well. Pictures below.



Me (typing): Dhaal.
Blakey: It wasn't Dahl. It was "Pumpkin Mash with Rice".
Koa: I think it's D-A-H-L.
Me: Like Roald Dahl?

Koa and Matt. Gay jam makers.


Amanda said...

Hey cutie. Heck looking like dad in the last picture. I can't wait to go there!!

Chris said...

Sole Matt, if you cook some mamoe with pumbkin its amazing.

Brazilian Bandit said...

That Blakey, she's hot. You..not so bad. Your other friend..he okay.

Matt's Samoa Blog Lurker said...

Where's Blakey? Oh. There she is! Haha. She was just camouflaged against your wall.

Unknown said...

that giant coke in a glass bottle looks refreshing and appropriate for said hot weather (and pumpkin meal!).

Arseneault Family said...

bummed i missed your conversation on the Canadian political system...always interesting coming from Americans!