Thursday, August 27, 2009

Odds and Ends Thursday 25

With being locked out of my house this past weekend, and having a fair amount of stuff to do on Sunday that I wasn’t able to do on account of being locked out, I’ve felt behind all week; like it’s Thursday and I’m still trying to do Wednesday things. What are Wednesday things, you ask? Checking the newspaper for election results. Going to church for ashes. Completing crossword puzzles of medium difficulty. You know, Wednesday things. Here are some other odds and ends from the week:
  • I assigned my year 12s and 13s to make a brochure in Microsoft Powerpoint. They had to advertise a small business of their own creation. Peresitene is one of my bigger, bulkier, manlier guys, and a number of times I used him as an example saying he could create Peresitene’s Faleotiulu, that is Peresitene’s Hair Salon. Lo and behold, he turned in a brochure for Peresitene’s Hair Salon today. Hilarious. And an impressively good sport.
  • Apia is sold out of cheap peanut butter. I could splurge and get some one of the large quantity jars, but the cost per ounce goes way up, and who needs that?
  • Paul’s mom Jane, who frequently comments, is visiting along with Paul’s brother, Dan. I had dinner with them last night at The Curry House, which is up the mountain a ways. The company and the dinner were both excellent.
  • I need a Halloween costume. Anyone got any good ideas?
  • A woman, the mother of one of my best students incidentally, is on campus all the time now. She hangs out in the teacher’s lounge with the teachers during interval and I’ve seen her walking around outside classrooms between classes. I think she may be a teacher. This is bothersome because it means our school is taking on new staff and I’m still teaching 29 classes per week.
  • Also, she took my seat between Vaifale and Apong at Interval. I’ve been sitting on a bench next to the kitchen holding my muffin in my lap. Boo.
  • So much to do before my sister gets here next week. Sweep. Perhaps mop. Take the underwear off the kitchen table. All that stuff.
  • Walking to school from the Peace Corps hostel on Monday morning, I saw the guys practicing in the fautasis, the 50-man canoes. And then I saw them Tuesday afternoon. Practice is getting intense as we get down to the wire. I wonder if they’ll taper next week.
  • Speaking of tapering, our big run is Saturday morning. I’m still short on details, but I hear there will be 23 legs in the 64-mile relay, and since there are 6 runners, 5 people will run 4 legs and 1 person will run 3 legs. Erin has called tentative dibs on the 3-leg spot, but her 5k time is impressive, so we’ll see. Also on the team is Trent, Jim, Joey 81, and AJ. It’s gonna be awesome.
  • It’s frustrating that they’re scheduling extra weeks of school on account of the 2-week Swine Flu break, but they’re not delaying the due dates of any of the CATs or the major projects. So I still have to rush to get everything in, only to have extra time once we’re done with all the curriculum.
  • So I think I’m going to make my year 12s do PowerPoint. And my year 13s are going to work on their typing skills. Done and done.
  • If you’re Robert Smith of The Cure, Wednesday things are apparently always the same as Tuesday things.
That’s all I got for this week. Happy birthday, Mom! Pictures below.

New tall shelves at Citimart.

Huge banner in front of McDonalds advertising Saturday's race. Pressure's on now.

Most stoplights have been shut off all over town all week, almost surely because of the road switch. Maybe they'll be out until the switch actually happens. Wouldn't be surprised. Yes. Samoa could survive without stoplights for 2 weeks.


Mom said...

Good luck with the race. Drink lots of water!

Blakey Hartnett Larsen said...

New shelves at Citimart - I'm missing out on so much!

Barb Carusillo said...

So, Jane finally made it. I bet she is so happy to be there.
Hope you don't melt on your race...I can't imagine doing much running there, unless it was before dawn, or after dark at night, it was so hot and humid when we were there. But, the 25 year difference in the age might have some influence.